MX5 6-Point Roll Cage - MODI-5

  • £1,199.00

Developed for the MODI-5 cup at Kirkistown, our 6 point cage is designed to fit within the lightweight hardtops from East Engineering whilst keeping overall weight to a minimum.
Manufactured entirely from Proformance Metals ROPT510 tubing which not only meets the MSA requirements but exceeds them.

Our priority is your safety. ROPT510 is regarded as the premium level of seamless tubing and we pride ourselves on building our cages to the highest of standards. We do not build show cages, everything is designed and built to meet or exceed MSA and FIA requirements. So whilst we hope you never need to test these roll over protection systems, we want you to be able to concentrate on the competition at hand knowing that they are in place should something unforeseen occur.

These are a weld in cage. To be done in house.  We offer a 2 days turnaround time on fitting of these cages.  Car must be supplied with the interior, including dashboard removed.

Standard cage is 6-point, single roof diagonal, single rear diagonal, harness bar and single door bars.  Additional bracing can be added to your requirements.

Cage is suitable for Mk1, Mk2 and Mk2.5 only.