Interior trim, bulkheads, mounting panels, or skins can all be produced to meet your desired spec and overall appearance.

Whether you simply want a little detail added or wish to achieve a certain look, contact us to discuss the options.


We design and fabricate bespoke intake, Intercooler, turbo pipework to suit your particular application. We use a ‘clean slate’ approach with inputs on sizing and fitment based on your cars specification and intended use.

Then in your choice of stainless steel, aluminium or titanium we will marry function with form to produce aesthetics suitable for any paddock.

All BrookFab tubing is created using high quality materials and purged to ensure strength and longevity in the welds.


Exhausts for all, from show to Endurance Race application, all designed with both looks and flow dynamics in mind. Turbo Manifolds to suit everything from top tier Garret/BorgW Twinscroll housings to a trusty T3 bolt pattern, if you want to run it we can facilitate it. We also fabricate the necessary Downpipes, Wastegate Plumbing, De-Cats and even bespoke backboxes on request!

All BrookFab custom systems are made using high quality Stainless Steel or Titanium products and purged to ensure high flow, strength and longevity in the welds.


Aluminium Fuel Cells designed and manufactured to suit your needs, we have produced tanks that can be found in anything from the Championship Winning Modsport cars to a full Batmobile replica!

We also keep abreast of the latest MSUK regulations for fuel system components such as filler necks and vent pipes location so rest assured you're in safe hands.


Tanks can be made to virtually any specification requested. Alternatively where you are unsure of what exactly is required we are always prepared to look at a coolant or fuel system and provide you with a specification to meet the particular need.

So whether it’s a coolant header tank, oil catch can, swirl pot, dry sump tank, anti-cavitation tank, washer bottle or airbox we can produce it to fit your car perfectly.


Our priority is your safety. So unlike almost ever other service we offer this area is less a matter of building what you want and more a matter of building what you need. Therefore we only offer two material choices, Proformance Metals ROPT510 and T45. These are regarded as the premium level of seamless tubing and we pride ourselves on building our cages to the highest of standards.

We do not build show cages, everything is designed and built to meet or exceed MSA and FIA requirements. So whilst we hope you never need to test these roll over protection systems, we want you to be able to concentrate on the competition at hand knowing that they are in place should something unforeseen occur.


At BrookFab we are proud to have been chosen to work alongside many superb small firms who wish to outsource their fabrication needs. So proud in fact that it pains me not to be able name drop the connections that have been serviced by ourselves here in humble County Down. But that’s all part of the service we provide, we are cognitive of insuring design security & where required conscientious about protecting our clients anonymity.

We have successfully delivered everything from simple components such as tooling to aid production workflow through to complex chassis part production.

Rest assured we can cater to your needs - remember it costs nothing to have a conversation, if you have a query ask us the question, sometimes we provide answers, oft times we deliver solutions. Do you have an automotive idea/design & customer base but no product?

Contact us today to start developing your product.


Having needed virtually every type of finish available at some stage or other we have developed links through repeat business with local companies who specialise in coatings and finishing. As such we have partnered up with certain local companies who we believe provide the service, quality and finish that is befitted a BrookFab product.

Services such as Powder Coating, Ceramic Coating, Anodising, Plating, Polishing and Painting. You can come to us for these services directly and we have been assured rates that will not leave you feeling like you have been paying a middle man. Indeed we will present a level of quality assurance you would otherwise have been without.

Worth noting that this service ties in very closely with many of the services we provide in house so if you ever want to ceramic coat that new exhaust manifold or powder coat your new subframe do it when it’s new and free from dirt or grime!